We would love you to be a part of SANTULITT and help you achieve the right health and fitness goals We aim at designing a journey that helps you take charge of your body and take care of it!

We want you to BUILD THE CHAIN of following a healthy and right diet and also spread the word about the same so that we can work together in giving the best to the society, to the world, to our loved ones!

One time Free consultation

We welcome you !

Just sign up with your basic details and we will.send u a couple of questions which will help us know more about you and your lifestyle. We send you an analysis report of the same with guidelines on what changes to make in your routine so that you get on the right track to achieve your health goal Come back to us after two weeks and share your experience, queries etc.

Customized Diet and Nutrition Program

A detailed questionnaire is sent which covers ABCD

  • A. (Anthropometric measures)

  • B. (Biochemical investigations which includes health reports)

  • C. (Clinical analysis)

  • D. (Diet History)


This is followed by Assessment of all the data and details shared by you about your eating pattern, lifestyle, medical history, food related likes & dislikes, work culture, sleep pattern, nutrition knowledge and beliefs, family history, current activity levels etc which will be helpful in dietary assessment and psychological evaluation following which a practical and workable plan is devised. If needed we will have a word with you in person to understand more about you.


We then Analyze the details and current nutritional status of the body and relevant interpretations are made. A reasonable goal weight is defined by considering weight history and a practical number which both you and Dt. Anshul determine is attainable, healthy and can be maintained long term.


Depending on the need specific plan is devised which can be a treatment plan / nutrition care plan / a modified diet plan and likewise.

“ Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.”

Travelling Diets and Guidelines


Next stage is that of implementing the plan post which we are together working on the program to make it work and to get desirable results


Last but most important we evaluate and record timely progress, challenges and experiences.


We are currently operational through an online medium. Our conversations can be via whatsapp, calls and emails.

We also provide and assist in:

Wellness Programs for Corporate and Embassies We offer workplace wellness programs that will help the employees increase productivity and empower them with life changing nutrition information. We provide guidance on how healthier and cost-effective food options can be included in existing office canteen menu.