ABC Of Weightloss

  • October 19, 2018 BY ADMIN

All of us at some point have tried a diet pattern. We either try a new type of popular diet or we follow a famous book or there are people who even start with following their friends or moms diet plans. We may start with any type of chart…the most crucial part is to start with knowing the basics. One should spend the initial phase knowing the basics of weight gain, weight loss, building a routine and about managing ones medical conditions. One should not hop on to any random plan or diet. Its important to first know what suits your routine..what kind of food options are feasible for you and the most important question whether you will be able to build a routine for life. If a routine is for short term then results are also not long lasting.thats where we hear stories of weight bouncing back.

So what are the basics of a weight loss journey

  • Take professional help from a dietitian.

  • A healthy fat loss is achieved when muscle fibres multiply and start using fat as their energy source so exercising is also crucial for a healthy body and sustainable weight loss.

  • Following a low calorie or crash diet will initially only use your stored glucose and hence weight loss will be majorly from water of the body.

  • Don't check weight daily. Focus on being disciplined and consistent with the formed routine Sleep and water intake also play important roles in achieving a healthy weight and body.

  • Give yourself variety in terms of food options and exercises. Your body adapts pretty fast so its important to keep variating and intensifying.

  • Try and choose as much home cooked meals as you can

  • If travelling aim at following some guidelines to help you maintain the same fitness level

  • The calculation revolving creating a calorie deficit for weight loss is important but leave it to your dietitian but focus on the quality of food that you eat and following the routine thats set

  • Spend time communicating with the dietitian and be frank. Building trust is very important

  • Start with the right mindset. Dont take the journey to be literally magical and dont keep high expectations like 10kgs in a month. There are much more to just the weighing scale. Your clothes fitting, feeling lighter, having no issues like gas, bloating, acidity etc, getting healthy skin, hair and skin are the real measures of ones good health. Remember even if theres a 200gms loss its a loss. A plateau is only when weight gets stuck consistently for 2 weeks.