Who is my Dietitian?

  • October 19, 2018 BY ADMIN

For any query or any challenge we get free advice from many around us and the same applies to the field of diet and nutrition. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or control your sugar levels, you will have ample inputs from various sources. Your maid can tell you a magical drink/kadha, your friend can tell you a magic diet that worked on his uncle, a whatsapp group can also throw in some inputs and then there is the vast world of internet and you can surf for hours for some free gyan. But then are these your dietitians or nutritionists?. No, certainly they are not. In fact many sources that you feel are the right channels are actually neither certified nor technically equipped to give you any dietary advice or diet plan. Physical trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, chemist, your friend, park wali aunty, uncles and all others in the same zone are certainly not the dietitians your body wants or needs to correct its lifestyle or to heal through food. Your dietitian can be the person that has a specialized degree in the field of diet and nutrition, who knows basics of body functions and body science, who knows how to heal and correct body systems through food, who has an experience in counseling people and someone who wont promise you any magic. And yes this service wont be free!

As it is logical to visit a physician for a normal cough and cold and not a neurologist or heart surgeon..likewise it makes sense to consult a dietitian when you want to understand the relation between your body and food, when your goal revolves around improving and managing your lifestyle.

A dietitian should be able to plan the right diet for you. She can help you build up the right routine for your body. She can clear your doubts and help you overcome the challenges that come midway. So its better to follow whats being designed for your body and not something that is generic or has wrked on xyz. Its high time that we know who our dietitian is in real terms!