Five Practices To Build a Healthy Lifestyle

  • November 26, 2018 BY ADMIN

Achieving and maintining a healthy lifestyle doesnt come overnight.The results of any health program are sustainable if your efforts are consistent. The hardwork and disciple are always required. So you should never be mentally prepared for a three or a six months program, always be prepared to work on your health for a lifetime as nothing is constant. Let me help you with forming some practices which can make the process a step closer and a bit doable for you. Or shall i say that let me hlep you get on to the process!

    Our minds and actions are interlinked. Our actions are in sync with what our mind says. And we perform actions for things which are on our priority list, like our work which gives us money, our family, dressing , makeup, social circle, gym, etc. Each one of us have different priorities and we do conscious efforts for those on daily basis. So if you start keeping health on your first three priorities then you have a higher chance to sustain your health progrm and also your results.

    No two bodies are the same. So no two bodies can respond the same on same diet plans. Generic diet plans are cheaper on price but then thats obvious as the effort that was put in preparing a single plan for all is also not worth a higher amount of money. Its important for your plan to be customized as per your routine, lifestyle and preferences. It should move and progress as you progress in the program to ensure steady and sustainable results.

    Be regular with what you start to get beneficial results and to have positive changes in your body externally and internally. If you are not regular with your efforts and practices they dont become your habits and then the results are also not sustained and are shortlived.

    One needs to understand the basic functioning of the body and necessary details about it from their health advisor. You should be mentally on the right track before starting a health program. You should then only set realistic goals and work towards its achievement, If you just focus on the weighing scale and not nutrition, you will never be able to follow anything thats sustainable. You will always look for crash methods as they promise unrealistic goals in short duration but also are health depleating and will never promise you sustainance.

    A study once done revealed that people who wrote a regular food log stayed more focused and were more likely to achieve desired goals. Jotting down daily details of your exercise and eating routine can give you a visual check on your days pattern and you can work on the negatives and challenges on daily basis.