Dieting is not my cup of tea

  • January 25, 2019 BY ADMIN

Most of us have experienced breaks in weight or fitness journeys and then getting back to square one and starting all over again. We all at some point or the other got angry,frustrated and impatient with our diet programs and have found difficult to stick to the food plan. Due to various reasons we keep changing dietitians, gyms and diet principles. Internet has become the ultimate guru so we dont hesitate to put our bodies under test of any random diet rage that crops up on surfing social media platforms or group discussions. Amidst all this yo yo type of dieting we many times think that dieting is not my cup of tea and i should just quit and enjoy eating without being questioned or monitored.

But who said that losing weight and maintaining the same or managing a therapeautic condition is as easy as scrolling down your facebook feed? It requires efforts and requires your dedication throughout your life because managing your bodys well being does not have a time limit!

So if you are prepared to manage your health well you need to be mentally prepared on the right track with the following tips.

  • Dont get obsessed with the weighing scale. Check weekly your weight. Also consider your clothes as a measuring tool.

  • Dont think that only when you will be free of busy schedule only then you will start to take care of your diet and fitness. Make these as one of your prime priorities and then it will be easier to manage a feasible diet and exercise schedule no matter what your schedule or travelling plan is.

  • Stay consistent with your routine. Deviations are human and there can be days or a certain week where more days than usual are hard to manage but then start next day with extra motivation to manage better than ever. Its all about finding motivation within and not backing out on your own efforts ever. It cannot be always a 100 percent.

  • Dont get intimitaded by others. Dont compare your journeys with others and feel demotivated or low. Get inspired by their dedication and focus rather than feeling negative about yourself.

  • Follow and take guidance from a qualified dietitian. But dont follow someoone blindly or because they are from a huge brand. Talk, discuss , understand and if you are comfortable then start your journey. Communicate well with your dietitian to ensure that you are being guided with every doubt of yours. Continue amidst festivals and holidays to learn how to manage diet in different situations.

  • Always aim to work on bodys internal balance first. If you are feeling great vrom within you will glow fro outside and will look your best as well. Its your own body not something you own on rent so love and respect it. Always do whats right medically.