Can we add honey to hot water

  • February 08, 2019 BY ADMIN

Honey has been known for ages for its beneficial properties. It contains a fair amount of vitamins and minerals and is known for its high antioxidant content which makes it an immunity booster. Honey varies in taste and colour depending on its source. Out of all the varieities Manuka honey is considered to be the most dense in its nutrition profile.

Most of the pacakged bottles that we get over the counter are processed forms of honey which are devoid of most of its properties or are made from hig fructose corn syrup. One should invest in organic and raw honey. There are pasteurized honey too which means they are heat treated to remove bacteria spores which are naturally present in some forms of raw honey.

There are many home remedies related to honey and its benefits one of which is adding honey to warm water. With time this has changed to adding honey and lime in hot water or green tea for weight loss or adding honey to hot milk for overall good health. Aurvedic scripts states that adding honey to hot beverages or cooking with honey makes it poisonous. Now that needs some scientefic backing as we are moving ahead with technology.

According to studies conducted heating honey forms a compound named 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural(HMF) which gets excreted in urine. HMF is also naturally found in fruit juices, beer, milk, brandy, baked foods etc, mainly in any food item that contains reducing sugars. In honey its concentrations are more as honey is 70-80% reducing sugars and in some cases honey is derived entirely from high fructose corn syrup. HMF via experiments didnt yield any harmful effects on human body. However one experiment did show some carcinogenic relation of HMF in rats but it cannot be taken as enough proof to consider it as poison. But yes heating honey does reduce its beneficial properties as is with many other nutrients which gets denatured on heating or are not absorbed by our bodies.

So to get maximum benefits from honey one should prefer organic honey and use it in lukewarm water or cold milk. It is great to be consumed in winters, A tsp every morning can guard you from the season flu, cold and cough. As for weight loss, as honey has cleansing and detroxifying properties it is beneficial for overall health. One tsp of honey contains 20 calories and 5gms of carbohydrates. It doesnt contain fat, protein and fibre. Those watching their weight should count honey intake as their sugar intake only caloriewise.

All food items produced by nature are beneficial for the body, You will get numerous manuscripts ranging from ayurvedic to egyptian stating benefits of different food items but it is also necessary to know the full information with logival reasoning before you start applying in in your day to day life!