What to eat when I'm pregnan

  • July 01, 2019 BY ADMIN

Pregnancy is a very special phase for every women and for the whole family. In our country the female is often pampered well during these nine months. Taking care is often equal to feeding rich food and eating for two people. Technically neither pregnancy means any form of illness nor one need to eat for two people. Yes, there are several internal physiological changes that the body goes through but that doesnt imply that we remain on bed and eat whatever comes to our plate or mind.

Females are quite conscious about their fitness and health today and doesnt hesitate to take professional help related to diet at this time.

Following are key points one should take care while being pregnant

  1. Drink enough water as plain water, lemon water, herbal concoctions, coconut water, fresh fruit juice

  2. Eat seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. Incorporate some type of exercise on daily basis.

  4. Eat light and frequent meals but dont eat forcefully just for the heck of it,

  5. Have saunf water for acidity

  6. start day with banana or mango or any fruit of liking to reduce nausea

  7. Take regular supplements and medicines prescribed

  8. Include enough green leafy vegetables when in season.

  9. Milk,curd,paneer etc milk products should be taken on daily basis atleast twice. If lactose intolerant you can opt for soy or almond milk, drumsticks, broccoli etc food sources.

  10. Follow a structured routine and diet plan

  11. Do indulge to cravings but not on daily basis. IF having sweet craving opt for dark chocolate or jaggery or a piece or two of dried nuts. If craving salty food then go for behlpuri, lentil chaat, nuts, pan grilled tikkis etc

  12. Apart from food and water, appropriate rest and stressfree uncluttered mind is very important for a healthy foetus and a happy mommy!

Dt.Anshul Jaibharat